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It was established in 1991 by experts in the fields of boiler and burner. With the experience gained in many areas of the industry over time, its production capacity, product variety, product quality and market share have increased.Today, our BROX brand is one of Turkey's leading manufacturers in the field of energy, including boiler and burner systems.



"Being the Leading Organization in Our Sector, Making Our Company a Pioneering, Innovative and Wanted Company"
With economic, reliable, innovative, R&D oriented and creative products that keep customer satisfaction at the top level, we will see many companies in the coming years. To become a global brand that has reached the country, to strengthen our position abroad and in the country, and to make our company a sought-after company. k


Producing "Higher Quality Product for Cheaper" in accordance with World Standards.

To ensure safe and long-lasting use and increase efficiency in all products we offer, without sacrificing quality standards. Our company, which works depending on customer satisfaction, provides full support in sales and after-sales, creating an environment of trust for our customers and ensuring that they work comfortably, and to realize business excellence with quality management.


To be a leading company that produces reliable, realistic, quality and environmentally friendly solutions with intense customer satisfaction.Providing "Unconditional Customer Satisfaction" by producing the products our customers need in a manner and timely manner with "Social Responsibility Awareness", To create an environment of trust in cooperation with our employees, suppliers and customers by constantly improving the quality of our products in line with the understanding of "Total Quality". The trust we will give to the customer in terms of quality, price, deadline and continuity is the guarantee of our future.”


protect global resources; It aims to ensure efficient use of energy and materials, Preventing pollution and minimizing waste, Reducing the negative environmental effects of our activities and products in all processes from design to the end of their life cycle. These principles are in all our processes; It will be our guide in our relations with our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Electrodynamics, which provides products and services to the manufacturing industry; Environmental Management System; It is integrated with the Quality Management & Occupational Health and Safety System and constantly improves it.


1. It has adopted the principles of Sustainable Development in all its fields of activity in order to leave a livable world to future generations.

2. It effectively implements the Environmental Management System, which defines responsibilities, objectives and targets and monitoring of environmental performance, focused on preventive approach and risk-based thinking.

3. It is our primary responsibility to continuously improve by using innovative and creative approaches and to increase the environmental awareness of our employees and stakeholders.

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